After an amazing summer, get ready to batten down the hatches as long range weather forecasters tell us to expect a winter of extremely low temperatures and higher than average snowfall. Starting this week with a ‘goodbye’ to the recent mild temperatures, we should anticipate a longer than usual period of cold weather right the way through until springtime. January is being forecast as one of the coldest for many years! This of course means a heavy demand on energy supplies as we try to combat severe weather conditions.

Top Tip…Buy a woolly jumper!

Other than that, think about this – how much energy does your home/business lose through poor insulation? It could be up to 50%. Greenovation can help you find out. By using pressure testing, thermal imaging and other techniques, we can produce a comprehensive report to show exactly where your heat is escaping and advise you on what steps you can take to improve heat retention in your property.

You can’t control the rising cost of energy but you can control the rate at which you use it! Send us an email on

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