One energy company’s prices set to go up 8.2%. Experts believe its only a matter of time before the others follow. One things for sure, the pattern over the last few years shows energy prices will keep increasing. This is something that affects everyone. 

Most of us depend on energy company’s, to provide us with gas and electric to heat our homes. Heating our houses is essential, but the heat needs to be kept in!  We cannot afford to heat our homes then let all the warmth escape. Insulation is a key area which will helps preventing heat escaping. But the other major area is the air tightness. Every little draft means cold air coming in and warm air escaping. the more the building fabric is air tight, the less energy will escape.

We all know have annoying a draft is around your feet, well the more the drafts the more your energy bills will be. At Greenovation we understand the need for lowering energy bills, we can testing any dwelling new or old and identify where any warm air may be leaking. Some will be obvious, but some areas where air is escaping will surprise you.

We can tell you how much air is leaking and where. The building can be made more air tight, resulting in less warm air leaking from the fabric, thus reducing your energy bills. Please contact Greenovation for more details.


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