Air Pressure Testing Packages Wrexham and North Wales

North Wales Atmosphere as seen from space

Economic growth and thriving construction activity across the region will create a massive requirement to reduce CO2 emissions through building permeability testing

The air pressure testing packages available from Greenovation for residential and commercial buildings in Wrexham and North Wales will go a long way towards minimising the environmental impact of continued economic growth.

In addition, the financial benefits of making sure that buildings of all types are well-insulated and protected from heat-loss speak for themselves. Greenovation is proud to be part of that process where air pressure testing delivers a holistic solution to the massive – and often misunderstood – problem of energy loss from buildings.

Save on heating – benefit the environment!

Rising to the challenge of reducing the carbon footprint of thousands of buildings and making big savings on their energy bills has to be a ‘no-brainer’. This was part of the vision that inspired James Spooner to set up Greenovation in 2013.

From the construction work undertaken by his Cheshire-based business – as well as noting increases in regulatory controls and the cost of energy – James could see that there was a growing need for air pressure testing services.

House Building in Wrexham

What is air pressure testing?

Builders and developers, architects and other construction industry professionals are aware of their obligations to meet Building Regulations on environmental issues concerning carbon emissions and heat-loss from domestic and commercial properties.

Air pressure testing is an important part of ensuring that all buildings are both ‘heat efficient’ and environmentally friendly. The process of air permeability testing (as it’s otherwise known) involves a range of testing procedures, advice and recommendations.

You can find full details of how it all works – and why it matters – on the ‘What Is Air Pressure Testing’ page of this website.

Partner with Greenovation in Wrexham and North Wales

Greenovation is based in Nantwich, Cheshire and ideally located to provide air pressure testing services for a wide range of construction professionals in neighbouring areas. Wrexham is just 20 miles to the west of Nantwich and provides a gateway to the diverse economy of North Wales.

In line with its strategy to create an economy that is less ‘London-centric’, the UK government has ambitious plans to create a ‘powerhouse’ economy for North Wales. This will include improved road and rail inks; creating sustainable local employment; and encouraging more infrastructure and construction projects.

Currently, the North Wales economy is flourishing on the back of tourism, light industry and technology. The region’s biggest town, Wrexham, is providing much of the impetus for this, but growth can be seen all along the coast from Deeside to Rhyl, Llandudno and Bangor.

Wrexham Town Centre busy afternoon

With economic growth will come a need for more new and refurbished homes, warehouses, factories and so on. This is turn will greatly increase the need for air pressure testing.

Is North Wales ready?

The rigorous requirements for building permeability testing have been in place since 2006. Greenovation is fully aware that expert professionals in this field may be difficult to find in certain parts of North Wales.

Fortunately, the flexible and responsive services provided by Nantwich-based Greenovation are available across an increasingly wide area of operations (including North Wales). Peace of mind is all part of our full-service offering to meet all your needs:

  • Cavity Wall Inspections
    It’s vital that insulation materials are doing their job!
  • Endoscopic Inspections
    Cameras in cavity walls examine the insulation material and tie-wires.
  • Thermal Imaging
    Thermal images of the exterior walls of a building show where heat is being lost and where insulation is needed!

To find out more about Greenovation’s air pressure testing services in the Wrexham and North Wales areas, contact James Spooner today.

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