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Reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption in commercial and domestic buildings across the UK

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The urgent need to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption in residential and commercial properties throughout the UK is a major issue of our time.

Recognising this, Greenovation have developed a range of air pressure testing services to meet the rapidly growing demands of the construction industry in Shropshire, Cheshire and the surrounding areas.

Air Pressure Testing – An Overview

The services we provide are focused on providing professional advice and testing procedures with a view to minimising CO2 emissions and energy ‘leakage’ from domestic and commercial buildings.

    • How we do it

      Every testing exercise is carefully project managed. A building is prepared by creating an ‘envelope’. Air leakage is calculated and other problems are identified. We then prepare a report stating what needs to be done to achieve full compliance and successful certification.

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  • The benefits of Air Pressure Testing
    • Minimises CO2 emissions and energy leakage from residential and commercial buildings
    • Reduces energy bills and each building’s carbon footprint
    • Meets air permeability standards set out in Part L of the Building Regulations relating to building projects of all types.
    • Ensures domestic and commercial buildings pass official air permeability tests – also known as the Standard Assessment Procedure or ‘SAP’.
  • Who benefits?
    • Construction industry professionals, architects and surveyors advising clients on Building Regulations compliance
    • Builders and developers
    • Local Authorities involved with commercial and residential property schemes and consultations
    • Individual householders who embark on self-build and home improvement projects.

A Full-service Package

Rigorous standards for air permeability testing in new buildings, extensions and renovations have been in place in the UK since 2006. Finding suitably qualified testing professionals who can provide the services you need is not always easy. In areas like Shropshire that aren’t close to major population centres, the challenge is even greater.

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Fortunately, Greenovation provide comprehensive air pressure testing packages for clients in counties such as Staffordshire and Shropshire from our central base at Nantwich in Cheshire. Our cost-effective services cover everything you’re likely to need as part of a pre-emptive process, or remedial work to be provided by third parties.

  • Cavity Wall Inspections ❯❯

    These are undertaken to detect dampness and to inspect insulation material to ensure it’s doing its job properly.

  • Endoscopic Inspections ❯❯

    We examine cavity walls using a small camera (or ‘endoscope’) to detect previously-installed insulation and to examine the condition of tie-wires holding a cavity wall together.

  • Thermal Imaging ❯❯

    Thermal imaging photos of a building’s exterior walls enable us to record surface temperatures at specific parts of a structure. This indicates where heat is being lost. We can then make recommendations to improve insulation and therefore reduce energy bills.

To find out more about the Greenovation air pressure services available in your area – Cheshire, Staffordshire or Shropshire – contact James Spooner today.

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