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Air Pressure Testing Wrexham & North Wales

Reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption in commercial and domestic buildings across Wrexham and North Wales

Sustainable Construction

The Wrexham air pressure testing services provided by Greenovation play an important role when it comes to reducing energy bills and compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations.

Energy Efficiency

Our mission? To minimise the carbon footprint of domestic and commercial properties in North Wales, reduce energy consumption and comply with Building Regulations.

Quality North Wales Services

Reduce your energy bills with our flexible, cost-effective air tightness testing packages in Wrexham and North Wales. Project managed from start to finish.

Why Choose Greenovation

Environmentally-Friendly Outcomes

Our main focus is on providing Air Pressure Testing (Building Permeability Testing) for residential and commercial properties in Wrexham where environmentally-friendly outcomes are priority.

Cost Effective

We provide full, flexible and cost-effective air pressure testing packages in North Wales that will meet official requirements for newly-built or renovated domestic and commercial buildings in the UK.

Industry Approved

As well as being iATS Registered (which clearly demonstrates the air testing capabilities of Greenovation), the company’s Managing Director, James Spooner, has achieved ‘Chartered Builder’ status.

Jargon Free Reports

Having diagnosed leakage points, a comprehensive report outlining our findings. Everything is presented in clear, jargon-free language including advice and recommendations to resolve any issues that will lead to full compliance with the regulations.

Air Tightness Testing Services in Wrexham and North Wales

Greenovation measures CO2 emissions and energy leakage from domestic and commercial properties in Wrexham.

In The Beginning…

We work closely with decision makers and project managers on each Wrexham air pressure testing project, establishing what levels of air permeability will pass or fail the test. This involves evaluating potential problems at the outset, how we intend to proceed with the testing, how much work is involved and how long it will take.

As We Progress…

The building is prepared for testing – creating an ‘envelope’ from which we can calculate air leakage and identify any air permeability problems. Results of the test are available on the same day and certificates can be issued immediately if the property has passed all assessments.

And Finally…

Having diagnosed leakage points, we will provide a comprehensive report outlining our findings. Everything is presented in clear, jargon-free language including advice and recommendations to resolve any issues that will lead to full compliance with the regulations.

cavity walls examined with endoscope

Cavity Wall Inspections

The main purpose of this service is to detect dampness and to inspect existing insulation material. Cavity wall insulation will help save energy and reduce fuel bills so it’s important that, once installed, it’s not damp and is working as effectively as it should be.

Endoscopic Inspections

This is where cavity walls are examined with an endoscope to detect previous installations of insulating material and also to examine the condition of the tie-wires that hold the inner and outer layers of a cavity wall together.

Thermal Imaging

Taking thermal imaging photographs of the exterior walls of a building enables us to record the surface temperature at various points of the structure. A relatively high temperature indicates loss of heat through interior walls that are either un-insulated or poorly insulated, and that windows, doors and other parts of the building’s fabric are not functioning effectively.

What Clients Say About Us

North Wales Air Pressure Testing Testimonials

We used Greenovation for the required pressure test on our new build at Wettenhall Cheshire.

We found the company to be punctual, efficient and totally professional and would highly recommend their services.

Mark Buxton

Greenovation have completed air pressure testing across numerous new build housing sites for me for a regional residential builder across Shropshire, Staffordshire & Cheshire. Booking in is never a problem – usually with short notice and tight deadlines to achieve Part L building regulations for CML dates which Greenovation are always helpful to accommodate.

Michael Williams

    What Is Air Pressure Testing?

    By measuring CO2 emissions and energy leakage from new or renovated domestic and commercial buildings, Greenovation will ensure compliance with UK Building Regulations.

    The purpose behind air pressure testing – sometimes known as ‘building permeability testing’ – is to strike a balance between minimising CO2 emissions (and subsequent environmental damage) whilst also ensuring that energy costs and the associated comfort factor are proportionate. In all cases, Wrexham air pressure testing must make sure domestic and commercial buildings comply with relevant parts of the Building Regulations.

    Why Air Pressure Testing Matters…

    In simple terms, by making a house or commercial building as air-tight as comfortably possible, less fuel is needed to heat it. Not only does this reduce fuel bills. It also means that CO2 emissions are lower and the carbon footprint for that building is reduced.

    No building will ever be totally air-tight of course, as the occupants are continually opening and closing windows and doors. There are, however, certain aspects of a building’s construction where air can escape through gaps and cracks in various parts of the building.

    At Greenovation, we can identify the common (and less common!) causes of leakage, or ‘air permeability’ in North Wales. In many cases, however, air leakage – as opposed to natural ventilation – is not always visible. Our testing methods enable us to identify the full range of reasons why a property falls short in providing the optimum level of air-tightness. See our extractor fan flow rate testing services in North Wales here.

    Our Service Areas

    We provide our air pressure testing services in Wrexham and North Wales, and commonly work in these surrounding areas:

    Wrexham, Deeside, Rhyl, Colwyn Bay, Flint, Bangor, Llandudno, Prestatyn, Mold, Chirk, and Holyhead.

    Save energy, save money, save our world.

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