As we advise in the information on our site, the purpose of air pressure testing is two-fold.  The environmental aspect – minimising CO2  emissions and the potential savings for the consumer that an energy efficient house can produce.

I recently carried out an Air Pressure Test on a new build home in the Winsford area. This included thermal imaging.  The result showed that this property, a 4 bedroomed, 3 storey detached, dwelling complies with the standards set out in the Building Regulations Part L and a certificate could be issued for all assessments.

Not only does this mean that the owner isn’t wasting money through air leakages around pipes that pass through walls or ceilings, or through inadequate insulation of walls and roof space and also means that he is contributing to caring for the environment by reducing his carbon footprint.

Although new build property (including extensions) have to meet 2010 Building Regulations in this respect, older properties built to less stringent regulations, are very often losing a massive amount of energy through inadequate loft insulation, heath loss through windows and many other gaps and cracks in buildings.

With the rising cost of fuel supplies, energy efficiency is more important than ever and it will be interesting to see if the Prime Minister’s suggestion of a £1000 grant, as reported recently, to help people insulate their properties, comes to fruition.

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