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Welcome to Greenovation Air Pressure Testing

A construction industry testing consultancy that maximises energy efficiency standards for domestic and commercial properties across the UK

  • Air pressure testing – also known as ‘building permeability testing’ – provides the backbone of our service. This is complemented by cavity wall and endoscopic testing, together with thermal imaging. We also focus on giving clients actionable advice, including any remedial work required to pass the official Standard Assessment Procedure – or ‘SAP’.
  • Greenovation adopts a highly professional approach to implementing a well thought-out range of services across Cheshire and beyond. This provides anyone who’s involved in improving the energy efficiency of domestic and commercial properties with a resource that will far exceed their expectations.

    James Spooner founded Greenovation in 2013 to provide the construction industry with air pressure testing services in Cheshire and beyond. His mission? To minimise the carbon footprint of domestic and commercial properties, reduce energy consumption and comply with Building Regulations…MORE

    Greenovation measures CO2 emissions and energy leakage from domestic and commercial properties. This provides actionable information for architects, construction professionals, local authorities and private individuals involved with self-build and renovation projects…MORE

    A range of professional testing procedures – and recommendations based on our findings – ensure that domestic and commercial buildings pass official air permeability tests; optimise living and working conditions; and comply with construction industry standards…MORE