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Your trusted partner for extractor flow rate services, ensuring compliance with building regulations. Enhance air quality and meet ventilation standards in Cheshire, Shropshire, and North Wales.

Ventilation Testing

Unlock the power of fresh air. Our expert team conducts thorough extractor fan flow rate testing, including air leakage tests, for homes and businesses. Say goodbye to inefficient ventilation and hello to optimal airflow.

Energy Efficiency

Our mission? To minimise the carbon footprint of domestic and commercial properties through air pressure testing, reduce energy consumption, and comply with Building Regulations in Cheshire, Shropshire & North Wales.

Quality Services

At Greenovation, we go beyond the flow rate test. We deliver prompt and reliable service, customizing solutions for your unique needs. Trust us to optimize your ventilation for ultimate comfort and air quality.

Why Choose Greenovation

Meet Building Regulations

Choose Greenovation for our highly trained and experienced technicians who specialize in extractor fan flow rate testing. With their expertise, rest assured that your ventilation systems will be thoroughly evaluated and optimized.

Cost Effective

A ventilation test with us ensures accuracy, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. With our meticulous testing procedure, we provide trustworthy results that optimize your ventilation systems efficiently, saving you time and money in the long run.

Industry Approved

Greenovation and our Managing Director, James Spooner, are industry-approved in the air pressure testing community. With our trusted expertise, you can have confidence in our commitment to delivering accurate and reliable results.

Jargon Free Reports

When it comes to ventilation testing, we believe in jargon-free reports. Our goal is to present findings easily and clearly, ensuring you understand the status of your ventilation systems and the necessary steps for improvement.

Air Leakage Test & Extractor Fan Flow Rate Testing

Maximize efficiency: measured flow rate testing for optimal extractor fan performance and ventilation systems.

In The Beginning…

At Greenovation, our extractor fan flow rate testing begins with a comprehensive assessment of your ventilation system. We evaluate fan types, locations, and airflow requirements to establish a baseline. Through meticulous measurements and analysis, we lay the foundation for optimal performance and air quality improvements.

As We Progress…

In the next stage, we conduct detailed extractor fan flow rate testing using advanced equipment and techniques. Our skilled technicians measure and analyze airflow rates, ensuring accurate performance evaluation. We assess the effectiveness of your ventilation system, identify any deficiencies, and provide data-driven recommendations for enhancements.

And Finally…

Armed with the insights gained from our testing, we present you with a comprehensive report detailing our findings and recommendations. Our jargon-free report clearly explains the status of your ventilation system and extractor fans, identifies areas of improvement, and suggests practical solutions to optimize airflow, energy efficiency, and overall air quality.

What Clients Say About Us

Flow Rate Test & Extractor Fan Testing Reviews

I have used Greenovation on several occasions and have had great results. James has always been extremely helpful and works with you to ensure a positive outcome. I will definitely continue to use Greenovation for air leakage testing and mechanical flow rate tests and am happy to recommend them to anyone.

Steve Davies

Greenovation have completed air pressure testing across numerous new build housing sites for me for a regional residential builder across Shropshire, Staffordshire & Cheshire. Booking in is never a problem – usually with short notice and tight deadlines to achieve Part L building regulations for CML dates which Greenovation are always helpful to accommodate.

Michael Williams

    What is Flow Rate Testing?

    Clear the Air: The Importance of Air Flow Rate Testing for Healthy Environments and Efficient Ventilation Systems.

    Ventilation flow testing is a crucial process that evaluates the performance of extractor fans, including intermittent extract fans. It measures the airflow rates generated by these fans to ensure they effectively remove pollutants, moisture, and odors. By assessing the ventilation system’s capacity, accuracy, and efficiency, testing helps identify any issues and enables necessary adjustments for optimal airflow, improved indoor air quality, and a healthier environment.

    Why Do I Need A Vent Test?

    By measuring and analyzing airflow rates, it ensures that the fans are operating at optimal levels, effectively removing contaminants and maintaining proper air circulation. Accurate flow rate testing helps identify potential issues like insufficient airflow, fan malfunctions, or inadequate ventilation, allowing for timely adjustments and improved indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and overall comfort.

    Minimum Extract Flow Rates Explained:

    To ensure effective ventilation, extractor fans must achieve minimum extract flow rates. These rates are determined based on industry standards and regulations. The minimum benchmark method is a widely used approach to establish these flow rate requirements.


    The benchmark method involves calculating the minimum extract flow rate based on factors such as room size, intended use, and occupancy. It takes into account specific guidelines and recommendations provided by relevant regulatory bodies. These benchmarks serve as a reference point for evaluating the performance of extractor fans and their ability to maintain adequate airflow and ventilation in different settings.


    Meeting the minimum extract flow rate requirements is crucial for maintaining proper air quality. At Greenovation, we specialize in extractor fan flow rate testing, ensuring that your ventilation systems meet and exceed the minimum extract flow rate benchmarks.

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    We provide our extractor fan test services in Cheshire, Shropshire & North Wales. We commonly work in these surrounding areas for air tightness test services:




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