Air Pressure Testing Services Staffordshire

GGreenovation provide construction industry professionals with a range of consultancy services to minimise the carbon emissions and energy consumption associated with domestic and commercial buildings

air testing kit front door

Air pressure testing kit fitted to the front door of a typical domestic and commercial properties

Greenovation is an air pressure testing consultancy whose primary focus is on meeting the needs of architects, construction industry professionals and local authorities in Cheshire, Staffordshire and other parts of the UK.

The company’s services include a range of testing procedures, advice and recommendations that help to minimise CO2 emissions and energy leakage from domestic and commercial buildings. This is also essential for Building Regulations compliance.

The environmental and financial benefits of making sure buildings of all types are well insulated and protected from heat loss cannot be over-estimated. Not only does air pressure testing reduce the carbon footprint of thousands of homes and commercial premises across the country. It also helps to optimise living and working conditions as well as reducing fuel bills.

The Value of Greenovation

Growing environmental awareness and the ever-increasing cost of heating buildings in the UK persuaded James Spooner to set up Greenovation in 2013.

Graphic demonstrating air leakage from a typical British home

Experience of construction industry issues gained from James’ Cheshire-based business activities led to the realisation that building industry clients and householders alike could benefit hugely from professional air pressure testing services.

With a catchment area that includes the growing populations of Cheshire and Staffordshire, the valuable air pressure testing services provided by Greenovation is now a key resource that is readily available for construction professionals in the commercial, local government and domestic sectors.

Rapidly expanding towns like Crewe and Nantwich in Cheshire, or Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire for instance, will now have air pressure testing services on their doorstep.

Unrivalled Air Pressure Testing Services

So what exactly is air pressure testing? The process begins with preparing a building by creating an ‘envelope’. Air leakage is calculated – as is the leakage rate.

A report is created which includes advice and recommendations to rectify the situation and ensure the building complies with Part L of the UK Building Regulations.

building regulations cover l1 conservation fuel power

Air permeability testing in new homes, extensions and renovations has been a legal requirement since 2006. To help clients in all construction sectors meet – and exceed – these standards, Greenovation have devised a package that includes cavity wall and endoscopic inspections, as well as thermal imaging.

Why Use Greenovation?

Although we’re currently focused on clients in the Cheshire and Staffordshire areas, we gladly undertake projects that are further afield. Experience of the construction industry allows us to see potential problems from a client’s point of view.

Our approach is methodical and thorough, and competitive rates represent excellent value for money. Air pressure testing isn’t just another exercise in compliance. As we’ve seen, it also delivers enormous environmental and financial benefits.

To find out more about the Greenovation approach to air pressure testing, contact James Spooner today.

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