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About Greenovation Air Pressure Testing

Reducing energy bills and carbon footprints by testing domestic and commercial properties dwellings for air permeability levels that comply with Building Regulations

Greenovation is a UK company whose main focus is on providing Air Pressure Testing (also known as ‘Building Permeability Testing’) for residential and commercial properties where environmentally friendly outcomes are the desired result.

As a building management graduate, James has developed a passionate interest in sustainable construction. The air pressure testing services provided by Greenovation take the concept of energy saving and energy efficiency to its ultimate conclusion.

Launched in 2013 by James Spooner, Greenovation builds on James’ 20 years construction industry experience and the expertise he developed through his other Cheshire company, Nantwich Brickwork.

In a package which includes services such as cavity wall inspection and thermal imaging, the company provides detailed surveys and reports that demonstrate how energy bills can be minimised. These services will be especially useful for architects, developers, public authorities, building contractors and construction professionals, as well as individuals involved with self-build projects, building extensions and renovations.

By working with Greenovation, clients will be better placed to address construction sustainability issues. Examples include reducing operational costs; improving the use of buildings and energy inputs; minimising energy wastage and maximising energy efficiency; looking at using renewable energy and other innovative ways of minimising the impact of energy consumption on the environment.

Greenovation is iATS Registered…

The Independent Air-tightness Testing Scheme (iATS) is responsible for maintaining professional standards in domestic and commercial air-tightness testing in the UK. These standards are in direct response to the requirements set out in Part L of the Building Regulations

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As a iATS-registered consultant, James Spooner at Greenovation has demonstrated competency levels that meet the Institute’s standards. For clients, this means that Greenovation has the professional and physical resources in place to quantify the various elements surrounding a property’s ‘air tightness’.

Equally important is the fact that we can handle the whole process from recommending what action needs to be taken to ensure residential and commercial properties comply with the relevant UK Building Regulations right through to implementing any remedial work that may be needed.

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